Frequently asked questions

1. Where did the name “Acts” come from?

Originally it was an acronym representing “Active Christians Together in Service.” Over the years, we have gradually dropped the acronym and emphasized the passage of Scripture found in Acts 2:42-47. We desire to become a community of believers that function in a similar way.

2. Why should I consider attending Acts Fellowship?

First of all, Acts is not a perfect church. However, God is at work in our midst. We believe that church is a spiritual hospital filled with imperfect people. However, our goal is to become more like Jesus. As a church, we set high standards (Jesus) while lavishly extending God’s wonderful grace to one another. If you want to seriously know Christ and be His follower, I would encourage you to be a part of our church family.

3. What is the main emphasis of Acts Fellowship?

The emphasis is placed upon our need to know and understand God more seriously on a personal level. At the same time, we also desire to make Him known to others.Visit our vision/values page for more info.

4. Is Acts Fellowship a church?


5. Does the pastor have a long-term vision for Acts Fellowship?

Most definitely. Pastor Charles has been with this ministry from the beginning. He plans to stay in Austin and see this ministry grow and expand for the glory of God.

6. Does Acts Fellowship belong to any particular denomination?

We are affiliated with the Baptist denomination. However, we do not stress being a denominationalist. We prefer to be called Christians more than anything else.

7. Can I be a part of this church?

YES! Anyone can be a part of our church family. We only ask that you would love God and love others in the church.

8. Does Acts have church membership?

YES. Though we welcome everyone to be a part of our church family, we do have church membership. “Church family” is anyone who attends our church. “Church member” is an individual belonging to the church family who takes deeper ownership, responsibility, and commitment to the church. Church membership classes will be offered to explain the details of becoming a church member. Among other things, a church member will have voting privileges regarding the important decisions in the church. For additional information regarding church membership, please contact the pastor.

9. How do I get baptized?

Please ask the pastor for details.